Review: Twix is one of my favorite chocolate bars, and gingerbread is one of my favorite flavors/cookies. So this was the best of both worlds. The gingerbread flavor was solely in the caramel, and the shortbread cookie and the milk chocolate were the same as the original twix bar. But wow wow wow. THESE WERE AMAZING. The crunchy, caramel-y, chocolatey goodness was just like a normal twix bar. I have no complaints about this. I highly recommend this.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $2.88 per bag
Green Tea Crepe Cake
Review: WOW. This cake was 2 of my favorite things in one. Green tea and crepes. The crepe layers were thin and slightly sweet and the green tea layers in between the crepes had a genuine matcha flavor. Not overly sweet and overpowered with sugar. The green tea powder on the top had more of a slightly bitter tea taste, but because of my love for bitter teas, this was a touch I personally really liked.
Rating: 9/10

Strawberry Shortcake:
Review: This cake was chosen but my sisters, but of course, I had a bite of it as well. The cake was nice and fluffy and the cream wasn't dense or overly sweet either. I really liked this because everything was just so light and fluffy and slightly sweet and delicious. It reminded me a lot of Paris Baguette cakes--something I like. 
Rating: 7/10

Price: $15 ish for both

Review: WOWZA! This was my very first ben & jerry's pint finished all on my own. That's a pretty big milestone for a big foodie like me. And this was an amazing choice to be the flavor I accomplished this goal with. 

Although I haven't tried very many flavors, Ben and Jerry's are 2 boys that have never done me wrong. And this, this delicious flavor was no exception. The pepperminty chocolate ice cream provided a wonderful, creamy base for the fudgy and peppermint swirls. Every 3-4 spoonfuls, I would find a whopper-style ball of chocolate that provided a delightful crunch component to the creamy, fudgy mix of delectable chocolatey pepperminty goodness.

Rating: 9/10


I recently picked up 3 unique flavors of gum and I will be reviewing them shortly!


Banana Nut
Review: This bar was pretty good and surprisingly sweet. The banana flavor was definitely present, but nothing really stood out. Nuts provided a pretty good crunch, and the overall flavor of the bar was pretty good. But all in all, this bar was better than average without being extraordinary. Oh! One thing, this better does taste really extra good when it's nuked in the microwave for about 15 seconds :)
Rating: 6/10

Cinnamon Pecan
Review: The cinnamon pecan bar was much sweeter than the banana nut one. I have to say, the sugary-ness stood out more than the cinnamony-ness. This bar, just like the banana nut, tastes really good when nuked in the microwave for a bit :) Don't leave it in too long! It WILL burn.
Rating: 6/10