Review: These were pretty darn good. The chocolate to cookie ratio was awesome and the creme filling brought out the peppermint flavor nicely. However, the crushed candy canes didn't provide much more than a festive decoration. It did have some crunch appeal to it, but as the cookie itself was crunchy, it wasn't all too noticeable.Rating: 8/10

Review: This wasn't quite as good as the others because I'm not a huge white chocolate fan, but the ginger had a nice kick to it, which I enjoyed. It did have quite a potent ginger flavor, and though reminiscent of gingerbread, did not have the same sweet/spice notes as it. 
Rating: 7/10

Double Chocolate
Review: This was probably my least favorite of the four, but I still really enjoyed it (the entire set was really good haha). It was pretty good, but I don't know, nothing really stood out for me. 
Rating: 7/10

Peanut Butter
Review: These were really, really good. This and the peppermint ones were my favorites. Wow. I'm probably biased because I have a preference for peanut butter,  but the creaminess of the filling with the crunch of the cookie were just perfectly paired.
Rating: 8/10

Price: $6.99

I've had the Bruxies sweet sandwiches before, but never a savory one, so when my aunt wanted to take me out to lunch there, I grabbed the chance to try one. I chose this one in particular because I am a huge fan of smoked salmon, but just as a forewarning, it is an acquired taste, so if you're not much of a fish person, I'd stay away. When the sandwich came out, the waffle was still warm from the maker. However, it was a bit soft, but not soggy at all (note: the dessert sandwich we got after had a much crispier waffle, thank god), There was about two slices of salmon on the sandwich, both on the thicker side. It was a generous amount, but not so much as to make the sandwich overly fishy or salty. The chive cream was fresh and delicious, and there was just enough to complement the salmon and not override it. The only complaint I had was that I wished there was more cucumber. The extra crunch was dearly needed to keep the texture of the sandwich interesting. Other than that, it was a solid sandwich. But next time, I'm getting the fried chicken.

Rate: 7/10
Price: $8.95

P.s Had bites of the Bruxie burger (decent), Pastrami (would recommend), Proscuitto (wouldn't get again), fried chicken (my personal favorite), and Nutella and banana (couldn't have been bad there was Nutella).
My cousin had RAVED about these brownies for about forever now, so I finally decided to pick one of these babies up. They're oddly shaped, not a circle or a oval, giving them a "homemade" feel, I guess. I opened the wrap, took a bite and I was....
Very, very disappointed.
Maybe it was the hype that raised my standards too much, but sadly, this brownie didn't match my expectations. It was less fudgy than I had hoped, and the chocolate chips inside the brownie made it a little too sweet for my taste, I took one bite and handed it off to my brother to finish it. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely not my type of brownie. Maybe they should add a little more pot next time. 

Rating: 5/10
Price: $1. 89 for one brownie

Review: I had pretty high expectations for this. I love granola bars, cocoa, and candy canes. So it would've been an amazing treat for me to eat. But I was extremely let down by it. The consistency wasn't chewy nor crunchy, it was an awkward in between. Along with this, the flavor was unpleasant. The candy cane flavor was lacking and the chocolate flavor was barely there. It wasn't sweet or bitter, it was just plain and slightly existent. 

Rating: 2/10
Price: $0.99 (on sale, originally $1.99)
Pumpkin Spice
Review: I absolutely adore pumpkin spice, and this definitely fueled the fire of my passionate love for it. Wow that was pretty intense.... but so is my love for pumpkin spice. The ice cream was nice and creamy and the macaron was crispy yet chewy in a deeelicious way! I've been wanting to try this place out for a long time, and it was definitely worth the trip to LA.
Rating: 9/10

p.s. I stole bites of Cookies and Creme and Red Velvet and they were both absolutely delicious as well! 

Price: $5.00 each