My cousin had RAVED about these brownies for about forever now, so I finally decided to pick one of these babies up. They're oddly shaped, not a circle or a oval, giving them a "homemade" feel, I guess. I opened the wrap, took a bite and I was....
Very, very disappointed.
Maybe it was the hype that raised my standards too much, but sadly, this brownie didn't match my expectations. It was less fudgy than I had hoped, and the chocolate chips inside the brownie made it a little too sweet for my taste, I took one bite and handed it off to my brother to finish it. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely not my type of brownie. Maybe they should add a little more pot next time. 

Rating: 5/10
Price: $1. 89 for one brownie

Review: As a child, I hated taro. I never understood why my mom would get so much taro frozen yogurt because I found it to have such a bizarre flavor. But in recent months, I've come to absolutely love it. So naturally, I was extremely excited to choose this cake for a celebration. But it left me with disappointment. The taro flavor is faint and while the frosting and cake texture are nice, it's equivalent to other asian bakeries. The two layers in between the cake layers seem to be frozen and are taro and custard flavored. This cake wasn't disgusting, but it definitely didn't reach my expectations.
Rating: 5