Review: I had pretty high expectations for this. I love granola bars, cocoa, and candy canes. So it would've been an amazing treat for me to eat. But I was extremely let down by it. The consistency wasn't chewy nor crunchy, it was an awkward in between. Along with this, the flavor was unpleasant. The candy cane flavor was lacking and the chocolate flavor was barely there. It wasn't sweet or bitter, it was just plain and slightly existent. 

Rating: 2/10
Price: $0.99 (on sale, originally $1.99)
Pumpkin Spice
Review: I absolutely adore pumpkin spice, and this definitely fueled the fire of my passionate love for it. Wow that was pretty intense.... but so is my love for pumpkin spice. The ice cream was nice and creamy and the macaron was crispy yet chewy in a deeelicious way! I've been wanting to try this place out for a long time, and it was definitely worth the trip to LA.
Rating: 9/10

p.s. I stole bites of Cookies and Creme and Red Velvet and they were both absolutely delicious as well! 

Price: $5.00 each
Review: I tried this for the first time last year, but I was only given 2 since the box belonged to someone else. This year, my mom surprised me by buying me a box of my own. These are basically thin toffee sheets rolled and dipped in milk chocolate. Although I'm not a huge milk chocolate fan, I fell head over heels in love with these. The creaminess of the chocolate along with the slight crunch of the toffee is absolutely amazing. If you happen to be at costco during the holiday season, I highly recommend picking up a box!
Rate: 9/10
Review; WOW. This was an amazing first breakfast burrito. This burrito was the first breakfast burrito I've ever had and it has set the standards for all others to follow pretty high. I'm not a huge pork bacon fan because of the chewiness, but this bacon doesn't have a lot of the fat, and it's almost ALL crunchy. The potatoes and eggs in it made it absolutely wonderful and WOW. It was just great. Oh by the way, there are no beans in here because I requested it that way! It normally does come with beans!
Rating: 9.5/10
Review: As a child, I hated taro. I never understood why my mom would get so much taro frozen yogurt because I found it to have such a bizarre flavor. But in recent months, I've come to absolutely love it. So naturally, I was extremely excited to choose this cake for a celebration. But it left me with disappointment. The taro flavor is faint and while the frosting and cake texture are nice, it's equivalent to other asian bakeries. The two layers in between the cake layers seem to be frozen and are taro and custard flavored. This cake wasn't disgusting, but it definitely didn't reach my expectations.
Rating: 5